My New Adventure!

I have started a new adventure. Blogging. Online diary. I have come to a point in my life where I feel like I have something to say, something important that may help someone. I have also come to a point where I realized how much I miss writing, and just how slow my brain has become! Maybe this is therapy too?  Maybe, but I’ve always thought that if something positive can come out of what I went through, and what I still go through, it’s that I can help someone else. Something I share, an experience I went through, a crazy thought I had……you are not the only person.

Going through breast cancer completely changed my life.  It really changed the course of my life. I had a plan, and cancer wasn’t part of it. It never is, it sneaks up and takes over.  I can’t say that I regret any part of my life though…’s all shaped the person I am now. I view and live life differently.

So this is my new adventure. Hopefully my writing will get better, and more interesting!  My page is also under construction, but I wanted to get something up! I’m excited to get this going!

Katie 🙂