Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day and I didn’t have the greatest growing up. It was super important for me to find a husband that would be the amazing father I didn’t get to have. I was always worried I’d be one of those stereotypical girls who ends up marrying the same bad guy they grew up with.

I was pretty sure I found that guy when I met and started dating Adam. Our relationship was perfect from the start. We had great conversations, the same crazy sense of humor, and always had a good time. The longer we were together I knew that he was going to be the one I would be with the rest my life. Then life through us a major curveball, and it’s one of those things that some people never recover from.

We were not even engaged when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Part of me thought that he should run away when he had the chance, because this was something that no one should have to go through by choice. Instead, he showed me the kind of person he truly was and asked me to marry him. He stuck by my side through the worst of times before we were even married.

After everything was fine, and the year started going by, we started to think and talk about having kids. We both knew we wanted to be parents, but we had no idea if we would be able to have children of her own. In my mind, I was terrified that he made a commitment to someone it would never be able to give him children of his own. He said that he was OK looking at other options, but it was something that broke my heart and made me question if I should just let him go. When we started the journey of having kids on her own, it didn’t go very well at first. We have two little babies that we never got to know and live in our hearts. When we finally realized why I was not keeping up my pregnancies, we were able to take care of the problem and I finally gave him what I always wanted to, the child of his own. Seeing him become a dad, and be the kind of doubt that I always wish that I had had, is such a blessing to me. I love seeing him with our girls, and know that he is completely devoted to them.

He is patient, kind, and loves them more than life. He supports them, listens to them, and is just the best father I could ever imagine. It makes my heart so happy to know that I was able to break a cycle like that, and overcome something so awful and have a family with this amazing man. So today, and every day, but especially today I wish him the happiest Father’s Day!!! He is truly a blessing and I love him more every day!

Author: rosylenslife

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24. My life, job, relationships, everything was changed. I decided to face my battle with humor and keep myself positive. Life after cancer is still crazy, and I'm hoping that by sharing what I went through, and continue to go through, will help someone else feel a little less alone.

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