Pink Ribbon

I have a pink ribbon on my front door.  It’s been there for a long time, and I don’t think much of it.  I’ve had pink ribbon magnets on my car, pink ribbon stickers all over my house, pink ribbon tattoos on my body… get the picture.  I have 3 daughters who love all things pink and sparkly.  They have caught on to the pink ribbon craze, and will often point them out to me.  It was always so cute and made my heart swell a little….that they recognized it and the significance to me.  It was something small that they understood about my past and life I live now.  Then, one of them saw the ribbon on the door and proudly exclaimed….Look mom! Now everyone knows we have cancer!

I laughed…..and tried to explain as much as I could to her little kid brain what it was for….but it confused me as I told her.  I love my pink ribbons and I love what it can represent, but the pink ribbon isn’t cancer.  No ribbon is cancer, or mental illness, or diabetes, or domestic violence, or whatever else in this world they have ribbons representing.  I think people forget there are real people behind those ribbons. So when my daughter made that statement, I couldn’t help but feel like she got it….even though she really didn’t. 


I am so much more than that pink ribbon.  I fought like hell to be here today. I have scars. I have to wear a fake boob.  I have mental issues.  I’m extremely proud that I’m here today, but I also have guilt that so many have lost their battle.  Friends and family are so proud as well.  They wear pink ribbons, buy you things with pink ribbons on them.  I wear them with pride.  I know I’m more than that, but sometimes it gets lost on other people.  I will always be thankful for the pink things I receive from people.  They are happy I’m here too…..and that means the world!

I will never make anyone feel bad for sporting those pink ribbons.  Or any color ribbon. I wear mine with pride. Sometimes it is the small things we can do to show support, show we care, show we remember.  Be careful not to lose site of the real reason the pink ribbon is out there….for those lost and those fighting for their lives.  My daughters will know that…..but for now….I appreciate they want to support me no matter what!


Katie 🙂

Author: rosylenslife

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24. My life, job, relationships, everything was changed. I decided to face my battle with humor and keep myself positive. Life after cancer is still crazy, and I'm hoping that by sharing what I went through, and continue to go through, will help someone else feel a little less alone.

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